The Red Sox Went to Jake Peavy’s Plantation on a Day Off and Had a Grand Ol’ Time

Looks like a nice place. Waterfalls, good gulf seafood and good company. What more could you ask for?

From Mike Napoli’s Instagram:

Shrimp boil

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That water was freezing!!!

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This is where Peavy keeps his infamous post-World Series purchase: a duck boat!

“It was not, I repeat not, an impulse purchase,” Peavy told Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald. “We’ve had a ton of positive feedback, and, really, I’ve never thought it would be such a big deal. But a few people are calling it an impulse buy and asking me if I’m remorseful yet. “Not only do I not regret it, but I knew I was going to buy a duck boat practically from the day I arrived in Boston,” he added. “Once I found out what they were, what they were all about, what they represented, I said I was going to get one.”

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Bo Porter Exacts His Revenge on Jed Lowrie


Remember when Jed Lowrie had the audacity to bunt in the FIRST INNING of a game? What a fucking shit head that guy is. Right, guise?!?!

[Video from MLB]

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